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News and Events

Hemlock Lectures

These lectures are titled the "Hemlock" lectures because professors were asked to give the sort of talk they might give before drinking Socrates' famous poison. We hope to provide a space for our faculty to discuss what matters, to address those questions deeply important to human existence. Often we find ourselves so mired in the details of our sub-fields that we ignore the big questions that drew us into the discipline in the first place. These lectures are an attempt to address this concern.

Friday, March 28- Dodd Hall Auditorium (DHA103)

3-3:45, Nathanael Stein

4-4:45, David McNaughton

5-5:45, Alfred Mele

Friday, April 4- Diffenbaugh 201

3-3:45, John Schwenkler

4-4:45, Randolph Clarke

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