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Department of Philosophy / Programs / Graduate Program

Graduate Program

Our philosophy department provides a challenging and stimulating environment in which graduate students are afforded the opportunity to develop academically and professionally. A graduate enrollment of about forty students and fifteen full-time faculty allows for quality student-faculty interaction as well as smaller graduate seminars. Beyond the graduate seminars offered each semester, academic growth is fostered in a variety of informal venues. All funded graduate students and faculty have offices in either Dodd Hall or the Diffenbaugh Building. As a result, many graduate students interact daily with members of the faculty and each other.


Each semester the department organizes a series of colloquia featuring distinguished scholars as well as our own faculty and graduate students. In recent years our colloquium series has included Daniel Dennett, Samantha Brennan, Patricia Greenspan, Laura Ekstrom, Hugh McCann, Ken Akiba, Noa Latham, Alvin Plantiga, and Terry Horgan, among others. During the fall and spring semesters, graduate students and faculty from philosophy, religion, and humanities meet weekly to read and translate texts of ancient Greek philosophers.


In addition, the Philosophy Graduate Student Association (PGSA) sponsors regular informal discussions on topics ranging from freedom and responsibility to non-western philosophy. The PGSA also annually co-sponsors a Graduate Student Conference with graduate students from the University of Florida.


All graduate students appointed as Teaching Assistants have the opportunity to gain teaching experience at FSU. All assist the department as graders or discussion section leaders, and some have the opportunity to teach courses of their own. In addition to informal faculty and peer review processes, graduate students are encouraged to take advantage of professional development opportunities provided through FSU's Program for Instructional Excellence (PIE).