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Department of Philosophy / People / Faculty / J. Piers Rawling

J. Piers Rawling

J. Piers Rawling

Professor and Chair


University of California - Berkeley

Office 152 Dodd Hall
Office Hours (Spring 2015): M/W 11:15 AM- 12:45 PM, and by appointment
Phone (850) 644-0222
Fax (850) 644-3832
Research Interests Decision and Game Theory, Ethics, Logic
Curriculum Vitae
I have wide-ranging philosophical interests, from ethics, rationality and reasons to the philosophy of language to quantum computing. Insofar as there is a theme to my research, it is the application of logic and decision theory.
I greatly enjoy collaboration. My work in ethics is a collaborative enterprise with my colleague David McNaughton. We are currently working on a book defending our particularist brand of deontology. I have also collaborated with an applied mathematician, Steve Selesnick, in work on quantum logic and computing. And my colleague Al Mele and I recently co-edited The Oxford Handbook of Rationality (Oxford University Press 2004).
I am something of a fitness 'nut', so much of my free time is spent cycling, rowing, running, or excoriating those around me who insist on smoking.