Past Events


Location: Dodd 181 (Seminar Room)

Title: “Normative Interests and the Network Theory.” As with all lunchtime talks, please RSVP with Dr. Stein so that there can be enough food. 

Writing Group: Adam Hamilton's “Bluebeard and Aristotle’s Oikos: Iterations of Male Oppression”

Location: Werkmeister Room

Abstract: Marilyn Frye makes two claims in “Oppression” that I will address.  First she makes the insight that oppression need not always have an identifiable causal agent, but may be the situational result of a system or confluence of environmental and circumstantial factors (Frye 2014 [1983], 377).  This would mean that many individuals and persons are oppressed without there being an identifiable oppressor which we can quantify or to whom we can point.  Secondly, Frye claims that men are not oppressed as men, but only insofar as they are members of particular groups (Frye 2014 [1983], 38

CONFERENCE: UF/FSU Graduate Philosophy Conference


Program TBA. 

LUNCHTIME TALK: Andrew Christman

Location: Dodd 181 (Seminar Room)

Title: TBD. As with all lunchtime talks, please RSVP with Dr. Stein so that there can be enough food. 

COLLOQUIUM: Neil Sinhababu, Associate Professor of Philosophy, National University of Singapore

Location: Dodd Hall Auditorium

Title: Experientialism about moral concepts

Colloquium: David Papineau, Professor of Philosophy, King's College London

Location: Dodd Hall Auditorium

Title: “Perception and Representation”. To learn more about David Papineau, see here

Colloquium: James C. Edwards, Emeritus Professor, Furman University

Location: Dodd Hall Auditorium

Title: “‘The Very Nature of the Investigation’: Painting, Perspective, and Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations.” To learn about James C. Edwards' other work, see

COLLOQUIUM: Paul Hurley, Professor at Claremont McKenna College

Location: Dodd Hall Auditorium

Title: “Consequentialism and the Standard Story of Action". For more about Paul Hurley's work, see Paul's website

CONFERENCE: Minds Online

- Location:

The 2nd annual Minds Online conference is a virtual conference on topics in the philosophy and science of mind that is hosted by Florida State University, University of Houston, and the Brains blog. For the CFP and other details see

COLLOQIUM: Eric Schwitzgebel, Professor at University of California, Riverside

Location: Dodd Hall Auditorium

Title: “The Moral Behavior of Ethics Professors and Models of Moral Cognition”. For more about Eric Schwitzgebel's work, see Eric's website