Combined BA/MA Program


The combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree Program in Philosophy is designed to enable academically strong students to receive the BA in philosophy after four years and the MA one year later (sample program of study). Thirty (30) semester hours in philosophy are required for the undergraduate major. In addition, thirty (30) semester hours in philosophy are required for the major at the master's level. Twelve (12) 5000-level credit hours may be dually counted toward both the BA and the MA degree.


Students should apply to the program by the beginning of their junior year. Upon application, students must have completed at least three (3) philosophy courses and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3 in philosophy courses and an overall GPA of at least 3.0.

Required Courses: (all 3 credit hours except PHI 5971)

  • PHH 3130 or PHH 3140
  • PHI 3130
  • PHI 3300
  • PHH 3400
  • PHI 3670
  • PHI 4134 or PHI 5135 (grade of "B-" or higher required)
  • PHI 4500
  • PHI 5555
  • PHI 5665
  • PHI 5908 and PHI 5913, or PHI 5971 (6)
  • PHI 8966 (MA Comprehensive Exam)
  • Five (5) seminars in philosophy at either the 5000 or 6000 level for a total of 15 credit hours, at least one in each of (i) contemporary metaphysics/philosophy of mind/epistemology, (ii) value theory, (iii) ancient history of philosophy, (iv) modern history of philosophy

Core Courses: Students must receive a grade of "B" or higher in:

  • PHI 5555 - Core Course in Metaphysics and Epistemology (3)
  • PHI 5665 - Core Course in Ethics (3)

NOTE: In order to take a graduate core course in the spring of the junior year, students must have received a grade of "B" or higher in:

  • PHI 3300 and PHI 4500 in order to take PHI 5555
  • PHI 3670 in order to take PHI 5665

Electives: See Philosophy Department pages in the General Bulletin for the list of courses offered.

Application process for enrollment: New students apply through the Office of Admissions. Current students apply through the department by the beginning of the junior year.

Standardized test requirements: Students must take the GRE and score at least 1100 (verbal plus quantitative) before the beginning of the senior year.

Registration process: Check with the department prior to registration for graduate-level courses.

Time limit for completion of combined degree: Students must comply with the University time limit rule for completing the Master's degree.

Fee per course/credit hour: Parallel to that of standard undergraduate and graduate-level courses.

Course locations: Tallahassee campus

For further information, visit the Combined Bachelors/Masters Degree programs site. You may also contact the Undergraduate Advisor or the Academic Support Assistant.

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