CONFERENCE: Werkmeister Conference honoring David McNaughton, Professor of Philosophy, FSU



Friday, March 24

Longmire Building, Room 204

9.30 Jeff O’Connell (FSU): Nietzsche on Forgiveness

10.30 Kate Norlock (Trent): Forgiveness as a Speech Act: Warmed-Over Warmke

11.30 Josh Lupo (FSU): Revising Forgiveness


2.00 Mike Peterson (Asbury Theological Seminary): C. S. Lewis on the Necessity of Gratuitous Evil

3.00 Mark Nelson (Westmont): Heaven, Hell and Holism


Keynote - Dodd Hall Auditorium

4.30 Jonathan Dancy (Texas): Three for the price of Two: an Intellectual Journey


Saturday, March 25

Longmire Building, Room 204

9.00 Michael Robinson (Chapman): There is Nothing Wrong with Promising to Supererogate

10.00 David Bakhurst (Queen’s University): Practice, Sensibility and Moral Education

11.00 Russ Dancy (FSU): The Idea of the Good: On the Metaphysics of Ethics in Plato’s Academy

12.00 Stephen Darwall (Yale and Butler): Might There Be Two Species of Butlerian Conscience?




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