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Philosophy Colloquium

What is it Like to Feel Like a Self?

Larry Shapiro 

University of Wisconsin at Madison

 Dodd Hall Auditorium

Friday, Oct. 11, 330 PM

The advent of virtual reality technology has created new opportunities for investigating the phenomenology of selfhood. Drawing on this research, Blanke and Metzinger (2009) offer the minimal phenomenal self (MPS) as an analysis of the feeling of selfhood. In this paper I clarify an imprecision in the statement of conditions for minimal phenomenal selfhood and argue for an even more minimal conception of selves. I also point out a number of ambiguities in the questionnaires that provide data about feelings of selfhood, explaining how they undermine efforts to understand the self’s relationship to the body. I close with some recommendations for future empirical studies of selfhood. 


2019 Werkmeister X-Phi Conference

Dodd Hall Auditorium

Friday, October 18th


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