Nathanael Stein

Associate Professor
D.Phil., University of Oxford
Office 287 Dodd Hall
Office Hours See Faculty Directory
Phone (850) 644-1483
Fax (850) 644-3832
Research Interests Ancient Philosophy and Metaphysics
Curriculum Vitae

Recent Work

Stein, N. (forthcoming) The Puzzle of False Judgement in the Theaetetus, Phronesis
âStein, N. (forthcoming) Aristotle on the Parts of Time and Being in Time, Review of Metaphysics
Stein, N., (forthcoming). Explanation and Hypothetical Necessity in Aristotle, Ancient Philosophy
Stein, N., (2014). Causes and CategoriesNo's 48 (4) [Online Early View]
Stein, N., (2014). "Immanent and Transeunt Potentiality," Journal of the History of Philosophy 52 (1): 33-60.
Stein, N., (2012). Causal Necessity in Aristotle, British Journal for the History of Philosophy 20(5): 855-879.
Stein, N., (2011). Aristotle's Causal Pluralism,Archiv r Geschichte der Philosophie 93 (2): 121-147.
Stein, N., (2011). "Causation and Explanation in Aristotle," Philosophy Compass 6 (10):699-707
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