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The Department of Philosophy at Florida State University was organized in September 1965, following the dissolution of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies into two distinct academic programs, the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Religion. Effective that same year, the Department of Philosophy implemented its bachelor's and master's degree programs, and instituted for the first time in the state of Florida a doctoral degree program in Philosophy. In 2018, the Department of Philosophy started the FSU Experimental Philosophy Research Group, consisting of philosophers and scientists from around the world. 

The department hosts the annual Werkmeister Conference (recent topics include Debunking Arguments, Cosmopolitanism, Form & Function in Biology, and Folk Concepts), the annual Minorities in Philosophy Conference, the Minds Online Conference, the annual Florida State University Free Will, Responsibility, and Agency Conference, the bi-annual UF-FSU Philosophy conference, a Colloquium Series, a Friday Lunchtime Talk series, various reading groups, a graduate student writing group and FSU’s public philosophy series, Brain Freeze. In addition, the department features the Bayles Ethics Lectures and various Departmental Workshops. Further, the department publishes Social Theory and Practice, a leading journal in social and political philosophy founded by the department in 1970, and Berkeley Studies, a web-based journal dedicated to promoting the scholarly understanding of the life and philosophy of George Berkeley. 

The department has also been privileged to be the home of the generously funded Big Questions in Free Will Project and Philosophy and Science of Self-Control Project. These projects have funded dozens of research grants, multiple series of conferences, and many publications. 

The department is committed to maintaining an exceptionally strong faculty, and new appointments are made regularly. The faculty has a diverse set of interests, with special strengths in ancient and modern philosophy, ethics, logic, action theory, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of biology.

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Recent News

Philosophy alum Paul Rezkalla awarded 2021-2022 Philosophy in the Media fellowship. 

FSU philosophy alum Paul Rezkalla (currently Arete Professorial Fellow at Hillsdale College) has been made a 2021-2022 Philosophy in the Media Fellow. The Marc Sanders Foundation’s Philosophy in Media initiative aims to bring philosophy to the general public by providing selected philosophers with training and media contacts.

Alumni News

Two FSU Philosophy Graduate Students Win Awards at the 67th Annual Meeting of the Florida Philosophical Association

Jared Ifland and Carme Isern-Mas both presented and received awards for their papers at the 67th Annual Meeting of the Florida Philosophical Association. Jared was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Philosophy Paper Award for his paper “Realism on Thin Ice: An Argument from Mathematical Practice,” and Carme was awarded the Rini Prize for Public Philosophy for her paper “Personal Identity: at risk when our friends act immorally.” Additionally, Nolan Cannon, Matt DuPree, and Romy Vekony each presented their papers at the conference.

Alumni News

Three FSU philosophy graduate students to present at the 14th Biennial Congress of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science

Jared Ifland, Romy Vekony, and Robert Voelker have each been selected to present their papers at the 14th Biennial Congress of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science. The conference is known as one of the leading conferences for the history of philosophy of science and related topics. Jared Ifland will present “Induction, Conceptual Spaces, and Homotopy: A Response on Carnap’s Behalf," where he argues that current efforts to revitalize Rudolf Carnap’s late inductive logic are aided by recent developments in the foundations of mathematics.

Alumni News