FSU Philosophy Department Announces Four New Hires

The Florida State University Philosophy Department is pleased to announce four new faculty hires for Fall 2018. 


Andrea Westlund (Ph.D. Michigan; ethics, moral psychology, and feminist philosophy) currently at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, will join the department as Associate Professor. Andrea's recent work has focused on relational autonomy, authority, and self-regarding attitudes, and she is currently working on a series of papers on narrative, meaning, and the self.


Edward Hinchman (Ph.D. Michigan; epistemology, moral psychology, philosophy of language and mind) also at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, will also join the department as Associate Professor. Ted's current research addresses equally the nature of judgment and belief and the nature of intention. This work extends a longstanding project on the role of trust in epistemic and practical rationality.


Michael Bukoski (Ph.D. Arizona; ethics, metaethics, and political philosophy), currently a post-doctoral fellow at Florida State University, will join the department as an Assistant Professor. Michael's metaethical work examines the prospects of constitutive metaethical theories and how the nature of agency sheds light on metaethical issues independently of constitute metaethical theories. His work in moral and political philosophy is about moral uncertainty and moral equality. 


Sarah Vincent (Ph.D. Memphis; applied ethics, philosophy of cognitive science and psychology), currently a post-doctoral fellow at the University of North Florida, will join the department as a Teaching Faculty member. Sarah's work concerns regard for nonhuman animals and neurodivergent persons as well as the metaphysics of death.