CONFERENCE: Southeastern Epistemology Conference


With the exception of Ram Neta's keynote talk, everything will take place in Longmire 204.



Ram Neta, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Oct 27th, 3:30pm
Dodd Hall Auditorium


Friday, October 27th

9:15-9:50- Breakfast & Coffee

10:00-10:40- Michael Veber (ECU), "Why not Persuade the Skeptic? A Critique of Unambitious Epistemology"

  • Commenter: Kevin McCain
  • Session Chair: John Schwenkler

10:50-11:30- Kevin McCain (UAB) and Matthew Frise (Santa Clara), “Forgetting Memory Skepticism”

  • Commenter: Mike Morrissey
  • Session Chair: Michael Veber

11:30-1:30- Break For Lunch

1:30-2:10- Elijah Chudnoff (Miami), “Experience and Epistemic Structure”

  • Commenter: Michael Veber
  • Session Chair: Mike Morrissey

2:20-3:00- Samantha Wakil (UNC Chapel Hill) “Orgasm and Objectivity”

  • Commenter: Jack Justus
  • Session Chair: Rachel Amoroso

3:30- 5:30- Keynote by Ram Neta (UNC, Chapel Hill), “Knowing Your Reasons”


Saturday, October 28th

9:10-9:50- Ted Poston (South Alabama), "Epidemiology and Causal Inference"

  • Commenter: Michael Bishop
  • Session Chair: Frankie Caruso

10:00-10:40- Jonathan Matheson (UNF), “Deep Disagreements”

  • Commenter: Simon May
  • Session Chair: Chase Wrenn

10:50-11:30- Chase Wrenn (Alabama), “Deflationism, Expressivism, and the Value of Truth”

  • Commenter: Andrew Christman
  • Session Chair: Jonathan Matheson

11:40-12:20- Benjamin McCraw (USC, Upstate), “Internalist Epistemic Virtue: A Neo-Stoic Model”

  • Commenter: Kevin Meeker
  • Session Chair: Jeremy Redmond

12:30-1:30- Break For Lunch

1:40-2:20- Kristina Gehrman (Tennessee) and John Schwenkler (FSU), “What Does the Expert Know?”

  • Commenter: Bob Bishop
  • Session Chair: Ted Poston

2:30-3:10- Sarah Wright (University of Georgia), “Why We Need Intellectual Humility to Help Us Avoid Epistemic Injustice”

  • Commenter: Matthew Jernberg
  • Session Chair: Kevin Meeker