6 Graduate Students to Present at 45th Annual Society for Philosophy and Psychology

Graduate Students from the FSU X-Phi Research Group will be presenting their research projects at one of the most exclusive conferences in the country, the Society for Philosophy and Psychology. With roughly a 5% acceptance rate, we are proud of our student researchers!

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11th Conference of the American Association of Mexican Philosophers

The American Association of Mexican Philosophers (AAMP) formally invites you to join its 11th Conference of the AAMP on March 8th and 9th. Feel free to invite your students too. All the talks will be in English though one will have a little bit of Spanish, given the nature of the topic. Open this announcement to find the program.

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Announcing FSU X-Phi Research Group!

The Department of Philosophy has established a new research group, incorporating philosophers and scientists interested in ordinary concepts that are of central philosophical concern. Click for more details.

Faculty News

2019 Werkmeister Conference: Identifying Persons

Friday, Feb. 15 and Saturday, Feb. 16
204 Longmire Alumni Building



Ordinary objects have conditions of identity over time, but only a person can be said to have an identity -- in the sense that invites talk of identity crises, of questioning or changing one's identity, of discovering who one really is. 

J. Piers Rawling & Philip Wilson Edit The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Philosophy

Rawling and Wilson edit a new volume, The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Philosophy. Find out more about it and where to get it.

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Mark LeBar Edits A Volume On Justice

Mark LeBar's edited volume, Justice, has been published with Oxford University Press. Find out more about the book and where to get it.

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Mirja Pérez De Calleja becomes Postdoc at National Autonomous University of Mexico

Mirja Pérez De Calleja will become a postdoctoral fellow at the Philosophical Research Institute at the National Autonomous University of Mexico starting in the Fall. Mirja's dissertation was about free will and luck, titled "Free Will, Luck, and Indoctrination". Find out more about Mirja on PhilPapers

Alumni News

Gabriel De Marco Becomes Postdoc at Oxford

Gabriel De Marco will become Research Fellow in Applied Moral Philosophy at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics at University of Oxford starting in the Fall. Gabe's dissertation was about free will and moral responsibility, titled "Manipulation, Moral Responsibility, and History". Learn more about Gabe from his PhilPapers profile

Alumni News

John Schwenkler Awarded Grant To Study Psychology & Neuroscience

Thanks to the support of the Templeton Foundation, Associate Professor of Philosophy John Schwenkler has been awarded $217,400 to spend three years taking graduate coursework and conducting laboratory research in psychology and neuroscience.

Faculty News

Peter Takacs (2017) awarded a three-year post-doc in Australia

Peter will be funded from the Philosophy of Medicine for the 21st Century grant. Click for more details.

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