Graduate Student Events

11th Annual MAP Graduate Student Philosophy Conference

The Minorities and Philosophy chapter at Florida State University, is pleased to announce the 11th Annual M.A.P Graduate Student Philosophy Conference to be held on Friday, March 31st, 2017. This year we are greatly pleased to have Anita Superson (University of Kentucky) as our keynote speaker. If you have any further questions please contact Rachel Amoroso at

Writing Group: Adam Hamilton's “Bluebeard and Aristotle’s Oikos: Iterations of Male Oppression”

Abstract: Marilyn Frye makes two claims in “Oppression” that I will address.  First she makes the insight that oppression need not always have an identifiable causal agent, but may be the situational result of a system or confluence of environmental and circumstantial factors (Frye 2014 [1983], 377).  This would mean that many individuals and persons are oppressed without there being an identifiable oppressor which we can quantify or to whom we can point.  Secondly, Frye claims that men are not oppressed as men, but only insofar as they are members of particular groups (Frye 2014 [1983], 38