Alumni News

Members of Xphi Research Group to Present 7 Different Projects at Princeton University for the 46th Annual Society for Philosophy and Psychology Conference

The 46th Annual Meeting of the Society for Philosophy and Psychology will be held at Princeton University from June 10-13th, 2020. The conference is known as one of the leading philosophy and psychology conferences in the country and boasts an acceptance rate that rivals top journals of philosophy. Seven different projects, which include 5 graduate and 2 undergraduate student authors, will be presented at the conference.

Doctoral Candidate, Nick Byrd, Publishes Paper on Moral Decision Making

Nick Byrd, a doctoral candidate in FSU’s Department of Philosophy, and Paul Conway, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, collaborated on thought-provoking research focusing on the psychology of making moral decisions.  Their paper, entitled "Not all who ponder count costs: Arithmetic reflection predicts utilitarian tendencies, but logical reflection predicts both deontological and utilitarian tendencies", was published in Cognition

6 Graduate Students and 1 Faculty Member to Present Internationally at the X-Phi Bern Conference, at the University of Bern, Switzerland

X-Phi Bern 2019 will be held from September 19-21th, 2019. This international conference will feature major speakers from around the globe, and we are proud of our graduate students for their hard work and international recognition!