MAP Mentoring Program

Summary:  During the Summer of 2020, The Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) Mentoring Program was born, a collaboration between the Minorities and Philosophy Club, the Undergraduate Philosophy Club,  and the Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement. The program is run by a team of 14 mentors, 3 Head Mentors, 1 Program Director, and 1 Director of Research, Leadership, and Service. 




Philosophy is a particularly challenging field for minority and first-generation college students. Philosophy departments are often very academic and lack diversity, making it challenging for undergraduates from less traditional backgrounds to find sufficient support and mentoring within the discipline. The goal of the Minorities and Philosophy Mentoring Program is to provide academic support to these students while at the same time providing them with valuable leadership and service experiences that will equip and position them to accomplish their future academic and career goals.




The MAP Mentoring Program is a collaboration between the Minorities and Philosophy Club and Undergraduate Philosophy Club at Florida State.  Many of the program mentors are also members of the Minorities and Philosophy Club, providing valuable insight into the challenges faced by marginalized students within philosophy.  The Undergraduate Philosophy Club assists with identifying promising mentee candidates and encouraging them to apply. Additional support and resources, along with information on best mentoring practices, have been provided by the Center of Academic Retention and Enhancement.




Program Director: Lauren Willson

The Program Director is responsible for overseeing all elements of the program, including but not limited to expanding institutional support for the program, scheduling meetings to inform all members of the team of upcoming responsibilities, and troubleshooting any problems that arise during the implementation of the MAP Mentoring Program

Director of Research, Leadership, and Service: Wes Siscoe

A core element of the MAP Mentoring Program is the experience that mentees gain in research, leadership, and development.  The Director of Research, Leadership, and Service coordinates these activities, identifying and coordinating opportunities for mentees to participate in the life of the philosophy department.

Head Mentors

Head Mentors support the mentoring team by meeting regularly with individual mentors to provide feedback on their interactions with their mentee as well as advice about what resources might be valuable in the context of their specific mentor/mentee relationship. 


Mentors serve as the primary point of contact with mentees, meeting with them once a month to walk them through the mentoring program.  Mentors are responsible both for creating a relationship with students in which they feel comfortable sharing some of the challenges and obstacles they face within philosophy and helping them reflect on and pursue academic and career opportunities.