MA Student Placement Record

Below is information about the current placement of students from the Florida State University MA program that sought a PhD in philosophy. 


John Ketema

University of Washington 

Carme Isern Mas

Margarita Salas Postdoc awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Universities, University of Granada

Darrell Jordan

Pensacola State College - Instructor, Tenure-Track (2021-Present)


Ellie Magill

PhD Program at University of Cincinnati


Eric Sievers

PhD Program at Florida State University

Shane Dabney

PhD Program at Florida State University

Tucker Sigourney

PhD Program at Florida State University

Emmanuel Smith

PhD Program at Florida State University

Spencer Smith

PhD Program at Notre Dame

Margaret Del Giudice

PhD Program at Indiana University (declined)


Samantha Berthelette

PhD Program at UC-San Diego

Mathew Advent

PhD program at The Catholic University of America

Nicholas Cisneros

PhD program at University of Miami

Benjamin Hause

PhD program at Florida State University

Marc Kaufman

PhD program at Florida State University

Todd Ramalho 

PhD program at University of Connecticut


Marigny Nevitt 

New York University School of Law

Jeremy Redmond

Associate for Music & Youth Ministries at St. Peter's Anglican Cathedral

Nicholas Sparks

PhD program at St. Louis University 


Darrell Jordan

Concordia University – Assistant Professor (2016 – present)


Matthew Hoffman

PhD program at Edinburgh

Sara Kolmes

PhD program at Georgetown

George Stamets

PhD program at Leeds


Timothy Hsiao

Grantham University - Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Humanities (2019-present)
Grantham University – Humanities Faculty (2017 – 2019)
Park University – Adjunct Professor (2017 – Present)
Johnson County Community College – Adjunct Assistant Professor (2017 – Present)
Florida SouthWestern State College – Adjunct Professor (2016 – 2017)
Florida Gulf Coast University – Adjunct Professor (2015 – 2017)
PhD program at Reading

Nathan Helms 

BPhil program at Oxford


Taylor Cyr

PhD program at UC, Riverside


Gabriel De Marco

PhD program at FSU