PhD Student Placement Record


Emmanuel Smith

Visiting Teaching Faculty at Florida State University


Andrew Christman

Glendale Preparatory Academy - Teacher

Thomas Reed

Florida State University - Teaching Faculty Adjunct

Carmen Maria Marcous

Florida State University - Graduate Academic Program Specialist

Vincenza Berardo

University of Massachusetts, Lowell - Lecturer (2022-present)

Marshall Bierson

Catholic University of America - Assistant Professor (2022-present)

Robert Bishop

California State University, San Bernardino - Assistant Professor (2022-present)

Jorge Oseguera Gamba

Autonomous University of the State of Morelos - Research Professor (2022 – Present)

John Christmann


Paul Rezkalla

Hillsdale College - Postdoctoral Fellow

Matthew Taylor

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University - Assistant Professor

Jay Spitzley

Convival Brands - Planning Analyst

Philip Albert


Nicholas Byrd

Initial Placement: Carnegie Melon University - Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Fellow
Current Position: Stevens Institute of Technology - Assistant Professor

Brad Stockdale

Initial Placement: University of West Florida - Visiting Instructor (2020-2023)

Current Position: University of West Florida - Instructor (2024-Present)


Joshua Turkewitz

William Woods University - Assistant Professor (2019 - Present)

Kyle Boerstler

Initial Placement: Florida State University - Teaching Faculty 
Current Position: Data Science Resident - Data Scientist/Data Ethicist (2020 - Present)

Aaron Brooks

Initial Placement: Tallahassee Community College - Assistant Professor 
Current Position: Durham Tech - Instructor 


Francis Caruso

Georgia Institute of Technology - MS program in Analytics

Mirja Perez de Calleja

Initial Placement: Philosophical Research Institute, National Autonomous University of Mexico - Postdoctoral Fellow
Current Position: University of Los Andes - Postdoctoral Fellow

Gabriel De Marco

Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford - Research Fellow in Applied Moral Philosophy (2018 – Present)

Jeffrey O'Connell


Martha Lang

Philosohy & Zen - Consultant

Aron Vadakin

Delaware State University - Visiting Lecturer

Benjamin Kimmell

Cavalry Baptist Church - Full-time Pastor (2017 – Present)

Peter Takacs

The University of Sydney - Postdoctoral Research Associate (2018 – Present)


Kyle Fritz

Initial Placement: Department of Public Policy Leadership, University of Mississippi - Visiting Assistant Professor
Current Position: Department of Public Policy Leadership, University of Mississippi - Associate Professor (tenured)

Matthew Flummer

Initial Placement: Porterville College - Professor (tenure-track)
Current Position: Porterville College - Professor (tenured)

John Stigall

Initial Placement: Law School Admission Council - External Item Writer (Independent Consultant)
Current Position: Howard University - Lecturer and LSAT Program Coordinator

Daniel Miller

Initial Placement: Florida State University - Visiting Assistant Professor 
Current Position: Professor West Virginia University - Assistant Professor (2022 – Present) 


Daniel Deen

Initial Placement: Concordia University - Instructor
Current Position: Concordia University - Assistant Professor

James Quigley

Initial Placement: Avant - Junior Software Engineer
Current Position: Omada Health - Senior Software Engineer

Megan McGrew

Initial Placement: The Autism Learning Center - Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Current Position: Impact ABA Services, LLC - Owner and CEO

Katherine Guin

SUNY Brockport - Adjunct Professor

Richard Cordero

Tallahassee Community College - Adjunct Professor


Robyn Waller

Initial Placement: University of Alabama - Visiting Professor
Current Position: University of Sussex (UK) - Lecturer

Zachary Martin

Initial Placement: Ashford University - Adjunct Instructor
Current Position: Law School Admission Counsel - Senior Test Developer and Manager


Joshua Shepherd

Initial Placement: Uehiro Centre of Practical Ethics at Oxford University (UK) - Postdoctoral Fellow
Current Position: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain) - ICREA Research Professor

Michael Robinson

Initial Placement: Grand Valley State University - Visiting Assistant Professor
Current Position: Chapman University - Assistant Professor

Daniel Haas

Initial Placement: Idaho State University - Visiting Professor
Current Position: Red Deer Polytechnic Institute (Canada) - Professor & Associate Dean for the School or Arts and Education

Steven McFarlane

Initial Placement: University of Central Florida - Visiting Professor
Current Position: University of Minnesota Morris - Assistant Professor

Heather Perez

Initial Placement: Ashford University - Adjunct Professor 
Current Position: Broward College - Assistant Professor

Jason S. Miller

Law School Admission Council -Test Specialist 


Tina Talsma

Initial Placement: Florida State University - Adjunct Instructor
Current Position: University of North Carolina, Charlotte - Instructor

Michael Miller

Initial Placement: Florida State University - Adjunct Instructor and Academic Program Assistant
Current Position: Fort Lewis College - Registrar

John Carpenter

Initial Placement: Evergreen Solutions, LLC - Senior Analyst
Current Position: Florida Department of Transportation - IT Project Coordinator

Melissa Lammey

Initial Placement: Miami Dade College - Associate Professor (2006 – Present)

Becka LaPlant


Clifford Sosis

Initial Placement: Mississippi State University, Meridian - Visiting Lecturer
Current Position: Coastal Carolina University - Senior Lecturer

Travis Rodgers

Initial Placement: University of Central Florida - Lecturer
Current Position: Valencia College - Professor

Justin Capes

Initial Placement: Florida State University - Big Questions in Free Will Postdoctoral Fellow
Current Position: Flagler College - Associate Professor

Christopher Zarpentine

Initial Placement: University of Utah - Visiting Professor
Current Position: Wilkes University - Associate Professor and Chair

Shidan Lotfi

University of Tennessee, Knoxville - Lecturer

Amirah Albahri

Kuwait University - Professor


Scott Mueller

Initial Placement: University of Wisconsin Press - Editorial Assistant
Current Position: Freelance Editor and Proofreader 

Tracie Mahaffey

Initial Placement: Florida State University - Assistant-In Teaching
Current Position: Florida State University - Senior Teaching Faculty and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Alison Brown

Initial Placement: School of Law - Research Assistant, University of San Diego
Current Position: Dependency Legal Group of San Diego - Attorney; San Diego State University - Adjunct Lecturer

Charles Alt

Initial Placement: Fairfield University - Adjunct Instructor
Current Position: Princeton Day School at the University of Pennsylvania - Faculty


Jamie Watson

Initial Placement: Young Harris College - Assistant Professor
Current Position: Cleveland Clinic Center for Bioethics Professor & Associate Professor, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine - Associate Staff Clinical Ethicist

Joseph Long

Initial Placement: Florida State University - Visiting Instructor (2010 – 2011)
Current Position: The College of Brockport, SUNY -  Assistant Professor

Wataru Asanuma


Adam Feltz

Initial Placement: Schreiner University - Assistant Professor and Director of Behavioral Philosophy Lab
Current Position: University of Oklahoma - Associate Professor of Psychology


Jason Zinser

Initial Placement: University of North Florida - Visiting Assistant Professor
Current Position: University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point - Assistant Professor

Lisa Liseno

Initial Placement: Academic Center for Excellence at Florida State University - Instructor
Later Position: Florida State University - Assistant Dean of the Graduate School


Elizabeth Kanon

Initial Placement: University of North Florida - Visiting Assistant Professor
Current Position: Texas State University - Lecturer

Mohammad Alwahaib

Kuwait University - Professor

Charles Hermes

University of Texas at Arlington - Lecturer


Thomas Nadelhoffer

Initial Placement: Dickinson College - Assistant Professor
Current Position: College of Charleston - Associate Professor

Jeremy Kirby

Initial Placement: Albion College - Assistant Professor
Current Position: Albion College - Professor

George Abaunza

Initial Placement: Felician College - Assistant Professor
Current Position: Felician College - Professor of Philosophy and Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences


Stephen Morris

Initial Placement: Florida State University - Instructor 
Current Position: College of Staten Island - Assistant Professor (2009 – Present) 

Deena Hurst

Research Associate for the Florida Institute of Government at Florida State University (2005 – Present)


Christopher Pynes

Initial Placement: University of Tennessee, Knoxville - Lecturer
Current Position: Western Illinois University - Professor


Justin Barnard

Initial Placement: Messiah College - Lecturer 
Current Position: Union University - Associate Professor and Director of the Carl F.H. Henry Institute for Intellectual Discipleship 

Gregory Smith

Patrick Henry College - Professor of Philosophy


John Farnum

Portland Community College - Instructor (2000 – Present)

Bradford Hadaway

Georgetown College - Professor (2001 – Present)

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