The PGSA’s functions are performed by officers and committees. The following is a list of our officers and committees, a brief description of what they do, and the chairs of the committees.



President: Bob Bishop 

Vice President: Nicolas Cisneros 

Treasurer: Tucker Sigourney 


Conference Committee

Description:  The conference committee organizes and executes two conferences each year: the Free Will conference and the joint FSU & UF philosophy conference.

Chair: Nicolas Cisneros—


Social Committee

Description: The social committee organizes and executes social functions for the PGSA, which is historically a department picnic held each semester at The Rez. 

Chair: Samantha Berthelette— 


Writing Committee 

Description: The writing committee organizes a read-ahead workshop for graduate writing in the department. From the chair: 'If you have a paper that you’re interested in sending to a conference or off for publication, consider workshopping the paper first with our writing group. To do so, please contact Brett Castellanos ( in order to schedule the meeting. The meetings are conducted as requested. So, the schedule is quite flexible.'

Chair: Brett Castellanos.


Job Search Committee 

Description: The Job Search Committee organizes a regular group that workshops application materials and will organize a couple stand-alone workshops for important pieces of the application process. 

Chair: Darrell Jordan— 

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